Rabu, 27 April 2016

Reuters: Vietnam in Talk to Purchase about 12 Gripen or the Rafale Fighter

 Rafale fighter jet (photo : defense update)

According to Reuters, Vietnam has already carried out preliminary negotiations with the Swedish group Saab and Dassault of France to purchase at least 12 fighters.

In the news release dated 04/22/2016, Reuters (UK), said that because the Chinese increasingly assertive actions in the South China Sea, to the South East Asian countries will speed up efforts replacement of the outdated fighters and paves the way for multi-billion dollar transactions for corporations benefit large weapons production.

According to Reuters, although defense budgets of countries in Southeast Asia is quite tight, but they are extremely "busy shopping" after a period of 5 years of lull. Reliable sources from the defense industry and close to the government said that in the coming months may witness a multi-billion dollar transactions from Malaysia and Vietnam.

At arms exhibition to be held in Kuala Lumpur this week will attract many buyers and arms suppliers such as Russia, France, Britain, China, Pakistan and the United States. This event is held every two years, the participants are expected to "noisy" than ever.

Malaysia is planning to replace the fighter MiG-29, after years of delays. Kuala Lumpur can order up to 18 jets, a deal potentially worth over $ 2.5 billion, a reliable source from the defense industry told Reuters.

Gripen fighter jet (photo : Gripen)

Other options include fighter aircraft, such as the Saab Gripen, Eurofighter Typhoon, Russia's Sukhoi Su-30 and JF-17's Chinese joint venture -Pakistan. The French side is quite optimistic about the ability to win contracts for aircraft Rafales, but other contractors also have their hopes.

"We're hoping to give Malaysian 9 Typhoon aircraft," said John Brosnan, head of conglomerate BAE Systemscho said.

Malaysian Defense Ministry did not give any comment on the talks.

Reuters adds Vietnam, can also choose a new supplier instead of the traditional partner Russia to Vietnam will be one of the next customer's weapons manufacturing corporations Western weapons .

Several unnamed sources said, Vietnam has carried out preliminary negotiations with the Swedish group Saab and Dassault of France to plan the procurement of at least 12 fighters. This information leaks from officials in the defense industry and a separate source familiar with the negotiations in the government said.

Sources from the defense industry, said Vietnam is negotiating with Moscow to equip several Su-35 fighters. Meanwhile the group's official arms exporter Rosoboronexport refused to comment on any negotiations with Vietnam.

Vietnam officials rarely comment on the issue of armament procurement, and gives no comment on the question of Reuters.


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